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Irish: Hynes (O'Heyne)

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Pictures of the Hein Farm built in 1730

Piet Heyn (1577-1629)
Piet Heyn (Pieter Pieterszn Heijn) was a "privateer" paid by the Dutch West India Company who used 31 heavily armed ships to capture the Spanish silver fleet in 1628 at the bay of Matanzas, ten miles east of Havana, Cuba. more


Hain (Hains) means thorn-hedge - from the descendents living on the Hain Farm. Located in Lemke, Germany our relatives have lived there for over 500 years! Pictures of Farm House

Other origins of the name HEYNS: HENDRIK which was originaly HAGANRICH, which means monarch or sovereign or gentleman or lord or master (...RICH) from the "Lagan" or fenced-in dwelling or home.

As surnames resulted HENDRIKS(Z) or HENDRIKSE(N) with the "abbreviation" HEYN, HEYNS from which followed HEYNEMAN (....MAN to be conceived as child of HEIN) Thanks to Chris Heyns for tracking down a possible seal (from a key ring) and information on the origin of the name Heyns.