The genealogy sites above provide an excellent starting point for finding existing branches of your family tree online.

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We've searched the world to make connections. As we've reached out, others have reached back. Branch by branch the online community is connecting the limbs of one immense family tree. As branches join and intertwine, family histories merge and we begin to experience the shared stories that tie us all together.

Online Surname Discussion
One of the fastest ways to find existing material online is to get in touch with other individuals currently doing research on your surname. Genforum provides an excellent online forum. Select the first letter of your last name below to begin.

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    Kids love family history too. The book above is a great way to introduce kids to genealogy.

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      Unpuzzling Your Past
    If you've ever thought of finding your roots, Emily Anne Croom's is the genealogy guide to get you going. She's got sensible chapters on how to get started, the meaning of names, the difference between a family history of dates and a family history of stories, how to gather sources, who to interview, and how to fit it all together. Croom breaks the process into bite-sized pieces to turn it into a fun project that takes shape and grows with each new family scrap.